Sunday, 2 November 2008

Q on the BBC Breakfast

Hi everyone, this is a video of me and my Mum and Dad on BBC Breakfast yesterday - LIVE!

I was very excited. Dr Rees was there too from GOSH which was great. We had a car to take us to the BBC at White City. We were collected at 8.30am so I had to get up early to get ready, not even a school day! When we got there we we were taken up to the Green room to wait for our turn in the studio. We were in Studio 6.

It was quite weird waiting but interesting in the green room because one minute someone was in with us waiting, the next they were live on air and we were watching them on TV. A make up lady came and put a bit of foundation on me and my Dad so we would not be shiny on air. She also touched up my Mum's makeup and Dr Rees.

When the floor manager showed us into the studio we were shown where to sit and she attached microphones to us. I was surprised that there was no one else in the room, the cameras pointing at us were all controlled remotely. The studio as well was quite small, it seems much larger on air.

Susanna and Charlie interviewed us, they were very friendly and made me feel quite relaxed. Before I knew it, it was all over and the next person was on who happened to be Maggie Philbin. She was reporting on having spent a night with bats!

Well I have to say, it was great and much more fun than my geography coursework!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Another news post - Wow

Hi everyone, here we are in the news again. It's amazing. Thanks to Laura for the great writing.

I am doing really well, on half term now. I went to golf today with my Dad and I drove the buggy. It was so much fun. Got a lot of work to do as well - unfortunately!

I have just visited Nick Lewis's site - see his comment in my previous news post. I have put a link on my site. He has had a transplant too and left a nice message about me on his blog!

I may get to go on TV soon. That would be very exciting!


Wednesday, 23 July 2008

In hospital again but only one day!

I had my final procedure yesterday - Tuesday - to have the stent removed. I was keen to go and have it done because it was giving me some trouble but I also knew it would hurt after, so I had mixed feelings. It was also another general anaethestic which was not great. I did get to have a good chat with the nurses though.

Right now, although it is a mini heatwave, I am lying on the sofa with my duvet which I always do when I am 'ill'.

Can you believe it is now 5 weeks since the transplant? My Dad has gone back to work now and seems to be ok.

I went and helped out with Grandma's school play last week, Guys and Dolls, which was very good.

I am managing my medicine well - there is one immune suppressant which I have to take twice a day but the timing is quite hard - it has to be one hour before food and two hours after food. Since I am hungry all the time this is not easy! I have put on several kilos and Mum thinks I am addicted to tuna sandwiches! That medicine also makes me quite shaky which is weird.

Last week was cool - I had a sleep over with my friend. It was great to get away from home for a night. I also played on the Wii for the first time in my life - it was really fun and it gives your arms a workout. I also watched a movie with my brother on Saturday.

I am down to twice weekly visits to the hospital for check ups.

So things are slowly getting back to normal......

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

National Transplant Week

Thankfully my Biopsy results were fine and my creatinin has gone back down to 82. I hope that when they take the stent out they won't need to do a another biopsy but they probably still want to, so they can make sure. I am doing fine and starting to go less often to the hospital.

It is National Transplant week this week. I have a Donor card, HAVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
If not there is a link on my blog. Just click on the Donor card symbol. One person can save 8 lives!

My birthday was excellent. I got lots of money and gifts, especially from school who sent me a box full of Washing stuff. HA HA!!

Odd as it may seem, it was nice to see some of my teachers. I also want to thank my school for raising over £200 at the school Midsummer festival for GOSH, through a sweet sale. THANKS

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A blip

I was in a really bad mood yesterday. I found out I had to have a biopsy as my results suddenly got worse. My creatinin jumped to 97. The biopsy was booked for this morning so Mum and I are back here on Victoria Ward. I was in a horrible mood to start with but now it is all over and I do feel fine now. The biopsy was ok; I had entemol gas so I was too high to notice much! The nurse also told me everything as it was going on so that was fine. The lights seemed liked smiley faces spinning round me but all in one place. Very weird!

Since then I have been eating constantly. I seem to be having a shaky day today which is a side effect of one of my immunosuppressants but it seems worse today even though the level has been tested and is ok.

Some good news - I don't have to go to the hospital tomorrow! It is my birthday and I have a day off!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Saturday - new weekly update

This is a picture of some of the 'get well soon' cards my Dad and I have received. Everyone has been so kind thinking of us.

I have decided to update my blog every Saturday now that I am home from the hospital. If anything interesting happens, I will do a post in between. I hope you will keep checking on my blog each week.

Dad and I are recovering at home. My Dad has got a cold already! Hopefully it will get better soon.

I have been going to the hospital every day to have my bloods checked and my blood pressure and weight too. Of course, the day we came out of hospital, I suddenly started to feel a lot of pain that night. In the morning, it was still hurting a lot and I thought I may have an infection. At the hospital I had to have an ultrasound scan as the Dr thought maybe it was the stent that was causing it. Everything looked fine on the scan and, as usually happens, as soon as I got to the hospital I started to feel better and the pain disappeared. They think it was the stent that moved a bit and caused some irritation. Typical! (The stent is a small tube that has been inserted into my ureter and bladder whilst my bladder gets used to the kidney, this will be removed about 6 weeks after the transplant - another anaethestic to look forward to!).

Apart from that everything is good so far. Being at home is great but boring in some ways. I am resting quite a bit. I have also started to eat loads! Trust me, I mean loads! The steroids I am taking are making me feel hungry all the time. I still have pain by my new kidney but it is gradually getting better, I can turn on my right side now rather than just lying on my back.

Introducing Tyler - the newest member of the family! This is my brother's cat. He is so cute, especially when he sleeps.

I'll have another post soon.